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You may attend drop in classes without pre-registration.  Sandi will be present for those times whether or not people are present, with the exception of statutory holidays.  If you are thinking of attending and would like the comfort of knowing whether or not a change or cancellation has occurred, be sure to let Sandi know of your intent.  Drop in classes are first come first serve (including if you express your intent by email).

MEDITATION                 MONDAYS   5:30-6:30PM

The 1 hour meditation sessions will focus on a variety of Kundalini yoga meditations for the first 1/2 hour, followed by sound meditation (with either the frame drum or gong).

These classes are drop in and by donation.



This 1 1/2 hour class is a traditional kundalini yoga class.  We will begin with mantras (the opening to the class) and follow with a warm up. A kriya (chosen for each day) will be instructed, followed by relaxation and meditation.  As kriyas vary in length, some classes will be completed within an hour and some classes will take the full 1 1/2 hours.

If you are interested in other early morning sessions, you may join Sandi during her Sadhana practice.  Please make this request through the contact section.


Registration is required for this class.  Sandi will be present even if one person is registered.  Payment can be made when you attend.  If nobody is registered this class will not occur.

EVENING CLASS                          THURSDAYS   6 - 7:30pm

This traditional kundalini yoga class occurs in the same format as the early morning class on Wednesdays.

Suggested Investment fee/donation for all classses: $15 per class or  $100 for 10 classes (paid in full).  Payment can be made in person prior to the beginning of class or via paypal.  If you don't have the suggested investment allow yourself to still attend and reap the benefits of kundalini yoga.  For those on a limited budget, make a donation that works with your  budget and does not deprive your self from your needs.  A donation jar is placed outside of the class where you can make your donations.  You can also speak to Sandi about exchange.



All classes occur at Soul Awakenings Studio in Uptown Waterloo, at 46 Princess St.   For more information on the studio, please visit 

For directions:


For private Kundalini Yoga classes, private group classes, individualized therapy, or group therapeutic classes, please see the section entitled Individual.




coming late Fall 2013 and early 2014 ... stress reduction, hormone health, trauma resolution, conscious communication

specific topics, specialty design for specific groups available upon request.  For more information, please see listing of previous classes.

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