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Yogi Bhajan on Yoga


Yoga is not what people tell you, what you read in books, or the practice that you do.  Yoga is the conception of self-realization of respect, dignity, divinity and grace.  It is all you.  and it is all within you.  It is not outside.


Yogi Bhajan on Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is the science of keeping up, in spite of all odds, at any cost.  It is not to become a saint, it is to create saints.  It is not to make life possible, but to make the impossible possible.  It is not for ego, lowliness and disgrace, but for those who are strong and can roar like lions through all the obstacles, and reach their destiny every day.  It is grit, commitment, and consciousness within one's self to achieve the mission of the self.  It collects all the senses of the sensory system into one sense, to make sense to all.  It collects "God is me" with all the sentiments of reality.  Kundalini Yoga creates a human who sheds light, who walks through darkness fearless and free, with no vengeance.



as provided by Yogi Bhajan

  1. Recognize that the other person is you
  2. There is a way through every block3. When the time is on you, start   and the pressure will be off
  3. Understand through compassion, otherwise, you might misunderstand the times
  4. Vibrate the cosmos; the cosmos shall clear the path

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