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Japdev Kaur (Sandi) & Kundalini Yoga       


Sandi began a personal program of Kundalini Yoga in the late 1980's as a part of her self developed integrative medicine program to address a condition of myoclonic epilepsy through natural methods.  At that time, the practices within Kundalini yoga, were the only form of exercise that she found which helped her recognize and adjust the flow of energy and neurological sensation through her spinal column.   After raising her children and returning to clinical practice, she often integrated kundalini yoga principles in her one on one work with individuals.  She received her Kundalini Yoga Level 1 teacher's training certificate under the tutelage of Sat Dharam Kaur.  Since then she has continued her involvement with Kundalini Yoga teaching classes in Toronto and Waterloo, teaching for a specialized research project on trauma resolution in individual's with PTSD and acquiring further training (Conscious Communication and Addictions).  Her personal practice deepened following her illness in 2010.  She used kundalini yoga principles to learn to walk, breath, eat, move and function, to regenerate damaged organ tissue, to increase capacity and vitality, and now to assist with imbalance to hormones, inflammation and pain cycles.  Sandi received her Kundalini Yoga spiritual name, Japdev Kaur, in 2011.  She is passionate about BreathWalk and Sat Nam Rasayan (two techniques found within kundalini yoga practice) and her individual practice.


With this unique experience, Sandi is available to work with people individually to help them achieve their goals of restoring health and achieving vitality.  She will assist you in developing a program that can synchronize with your daily schedule, as well as providing individual classes.

Recognizing groups of people often have specific goals and desires, she is also available to teach private classes that are specifically tailored to the needs of the group.


Investment fees for private group classes are the same as public classes. Please click here for information.


Investment fees for developing an individual program/class are similar to that for developing an integrative medicine program.  Fees are structured on a time basis.   Fees can be paid in a manner that fits the individual's budget.  Please see Options for Payment for further information.

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