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Within this section you will find a variety of information on the services provided through Sandi.  Whether your journey is healing from an illness or your journey is a desire to achieve your full potential - it is a journey of health and a journey of vitality.


In the Food and Nutrition section you will find Sandi's philosophy and approach with nutritional support.  As a part of her Integrative medicine practice, and her personal journey Sandi has studied a variety of approaches to nutrition and food. 


In the Integrative Medicine section you will find information on the variety of modalities she services individuals with.  Sessions and programs are described, along with investment fees.  You will find a link to more information on her Indigenous Medicine training as well.


The Longevity section is in development.  It will share information on achieving one's full potential and living a life filled with vitality - the energy and capacity to do all you want and all you are here to do.


The Medical Intuition section provides detail on Sandi's training and approach to Medical Intuition.  She describes a typical Medical Intuition session.



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