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InSpiritUs   represents the concept that in Spirit we are all one.  Sandi has been involved in Event Management since her teen years, helping to co-ordinate functions for the youth group at the Church her family attended.  As time progressed she developed and co-ordinated events related to education, coaching, health and wellness and social functions.


Having served locally, nationally, internationally in Event Management, Sandi now specializes in multimedia arts/music events that celebrate culture (similarity and diversity), interfaith and conscious principles.


She is available for hire for special projects.  No project is too big or too small.  You can be guaranteed diligent effort is brought forward to each event.


Options for payment - events or services

Each event has an investment fee.  We choose the language of investment fee – recognizing that you are gifting yourself with an opportunity to invest in your development or experience of self – through acquiring knowledge then translating that knowledge into action.


Whether the event be a music/arts celebration or a class/workshop the performers and facilitators have invested many years of experience in being able to share with you.  The investment fee represents the exchange that the individual/performer requests in order that they may live and share with others.  In order to sustain living systems a balanced exchange must occur.


Realizing that there are many different forms of exchange we offer you the following options for ‘payment’ of the investment fees.

  • Pay full monetary contribution as you can, prior to the event.
  • Creative payment plan – pay full monetary contribution in a manner that suits your individual, specific financial needs.
  • Pay what you can in monetary contribution and exchange the remaining amount
  • Full exchange for the suggested investment fee.

If you wish to exchange and are unsure how to go about it, Click here for the teachings on Exchange.  In order to arrange a creative payment plan or exchange please contact Sandi by email.

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