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  This website is an exercise in movement...each time you visit you will have the opportunity to go exactly where you wish, or perhaps land where you need to be...finding great bits and pieces of information along the way.  Several sections of the website have 'header' pages - like an index.  If you click on the highlighted information - you will get to the page containing more details.  It has been created in this manner to respect your time and energies...and to only provide the detailed information for those truly desiring it.  Thank you for joining me ....  Bless, Bless, Bless ... Sandi/Japdev


Life is a great journey with many highs and many lows.  Navigating this journey can be an act of reacting and responding, feeling like you are being pushed and pulled by forces that are outside your control.  Navigating this journey can also be an act of bringing full consciousness to each experience encountered: finding the beauty in the difficulty, remembering in the bliss that night follows day.  A traveller is a person that moves from one point or place to another, assuming a particular behavior or process, on a regular basis until it becomes automatic.  Being conscious is being aware of what one is doing, aware of one's surroundings, existence, sensations, thoughts, relation.  In this framework, a conscious traveller is one who brings full awareness to all aspects of their being and their relation with all others as they move through this journey called life.


This site is presented by Sandi Loytomaki.  It is an expression of her connection to her inner world and her connection to the world surround her.  It is a reflection of one of the many faces of divinity (substitute whatever word for you represents divinity - God, Allah, Budda, Jah, Yahweh, Goddess...).  It is a reflection of her service on this Earthwalk.

This website has information and and services to assist those who are and who would like to be their own conscious traveller.  Being a conscious traveller is not a static identity, rather it is a constantly changing, moving, growing, evolving existence.

Sandi is currently located in southern Ontario, Canada.  She is available to serve locally, nationally and internationally - through the convenience of the internet/email, via phone and in person.

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